Dental Insurance On The Rise

The number of people with dental insurance is rising nation wide.  That is especially true in the Oregon.  More than 48% of all Americans.  That amounts to about 113 million currently covered by private dental insurance plans.  That is a tremendous increase from 30 years ago when only about 12 million people where covered by dental insurance.  Consequently, people have healthier teeth, less tooth decay and belong to a preventive care program.

Taking care of dentures

Oregon seniors need to take care of their dentures just like they take care of their teeth.  All surfaces of your dentures need to be cleaned daily wit a brush applying soap or detergent with water.  When not in sure they should be placed in water.  Clean the water out daily.

If you are wearing your dentures for the first time, your dentist will usually sit you down and explain the following:

  • Your dentures will feel strange when you first use them.  Especially when you eat.  So cut your food into small pieces.
  • Your dentures will make your mouth less sensitive to hot foods and liquids.
  • It will also make it more difficult for you to notice things like bones while you are chewing so be careful at first.

Most dentures are covered under self employed dental insurance plains include Medicare.  Just check with your insurance company when the time comes when you will need to get them.

Dental Discount Plans

A Dental Discount plans are not dental insurance plan but one where the individual get a specific discount on specific services. For example, you go to the dentist and say something normally cost $100 to fix a caviity.  With a dental discount plan, if the discount is 20% then instead of paying the normal $100 you would only pay $80 thus getting a 20% discount on your services. These types of plans usually require you to pay an enrollment fee and a monthly fee to the dental discount plan provider but the fees are less than insurance. The down side is that your dentist choices are limited since the dental insurance plan.

A dental discount plan may be a good fit when a employer does not offer any type of dental insurance and is not willing to negotiate a plan in the workplace. But for others, purchasing dental insurance through their employer would be better since they have a family to insure and a history of dental problems. And in some instances, you may feel just fine paying for a dentist out of pocket and are not interested in paying premiums all the time for dental insurance.

Oregon dental grants

There are various foundations with in the state of Oregon that provide grants to help organizations and dentist in Oregon to provide emergency dental care to disadvantage children.  Receptants of these grants must apply each year for their grants.  The applicants must be non profit, tax exempt organization.  Among the organization that issue grants to these non profit organization are Kaiser Permante and Oregon Title V MCH Block grant.

Water Fluoridation

According to the Oregon Public Health department, fluoride helps flight tooth decay.  Water fluoridation is one of the cheapest ways to distribute fluoride to the general public.  About thirty million US citizens live in communities that provide fluoride water.  Oregon is amongst the states that fluoridate water to its citizens.  Most major cities in Oregon get it.  Despite all of this, only 22% of the population receives the benefits of the fluoridated water.  Therefore, its important that the citizens of Oregon employed their own dental prevention system to avoid gum and teeth decay.  This can be accomplish by daily flushing, brushing one’s teeth and visiting a dentist at least once a year.

Self Employed Dental Plan

55% of American get their dental insurance through their work.  So if you are self employed, you will either need to add it to your existing medical insurance plan or get one separately.  There are many options available for self employed dental insurance.  They range from expensive dental plans that charge a high monthly premium which can cost as much as $100 a month but you will get more coverage than other plans.

Dental insurance for self employed individuals can be complicated because you’re typically only going to be interested in standard, preventative dental coverage. Complex procedures are not the norm and may not be thought about when you are researching which policy to buy.  Getting a root canal, may be a rare occurrence but can be costly. So you will need to figure out how much coverage you will need. If you haven’t been to a doctor in several years, there is a good chance that you will need a lot of work especially if you are experience tooth pains.  The real key is to find affordable dental insurance by doing research and searching through many different dental provider as possible.


Insurance Division

The Oregon Department of Consumer & Business – Insurance Division regulates the Oregon medical insurance sector in Oregon.  This means that all insurance companies operating on the state of Oregon must register with the department.  They have to compile with Oregon’s insurance regulations and must file all documents that you use in their solicitation of new members.  They also have to submit their policies and mood of operations.  These documents are then reviewed by the Oregon Insurance Division to ensure that they are in the best interest of Oregon citizens.

As part of the regulation procedure, they have to be properly funded, have adequate number of doctors, assistants, dentists, and staff so that customers and patients do not have to wait to long.  They basically ensure that we get what they advertise and provide sufficient health care.

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