Dental Discount Plans

A Dental Discount plans are not dental insurance plan but one where the individual get a specific discount on specific services. For example, you go to the dentist and say something normally cost $100 to fix a caviity.  With a dental discount plan, if the discount is 20% then instead of paying the normal $100 you would only pay $80 thus getting a 20% discount on your services. These types of plans usually require you to pay an enrollment fee and a monthly fee to the dental discount plan provider but the fees are less than insurance. The down side is that your dentist choices are limited since the dental insurance plan.

A dental discount plan may be a good fit when a employer does not offer any type of dental insurance and is not willing to negotiate a plan in the workplace. But for others, purchasing dental insurance through their employer would be better since they have a family to insure and a history of dental problems. And in some instances, you may feel just fine paying for a dentist out of pocket and are not interested in paying premiums all the time for dental insurance.